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“New: Preferred Customer Promotional Offer Effective May 8-21

Preferred Customers will receive a new, limited-time promotional offer on Wednesday, May 8. P.C.s who order three quarts of any Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil receive a fourth quart (of the same oil) free. This offer is available online only, and is effective from 9 a.m. Central on Wednesday, May 8 to 11:59 p.m. Central on Tuesday, May 21. Limited to one order/offer per customer account. All P.C.s with an active membership and a valid email address on file will receive the promotion code for this offer.”

This just came in yesterday so if you get to http://rudyhiebert.myamsoil.com

you’ll get connected with your U.S. or Canadian account.

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Great Benefits Waiting

Become AN AMSOIL Preferred Customer For These Great Benefits:

Sign up at https://www.amsoil.com/offers/pc.aspx?zo=324582

  1. 25% Off – Pay Wholesale Prices.
  2. Free Shipping on orders on $130 or more.
  3. Get exclusive product orders.
  4. Free gear.
  5. P.C. points; Every 50 points earns $1 off a future order.
  6. Referral rewards – receive 500 bonus points when the referred customer makes a qualifying purchase.

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“Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”

Maybe it should be “A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Earned” because when that phrase was created you could buy a lot of things for a nickel. Today you can save yourself some significant operation and maintenance expenses related to your vehicles and equipment plus be in a position create a home business venture that produces a commission from your activity as well as your down-line.

You can find this information at rudyhiebert.myamsoil.com or go directly to https://www.amsoil.com/lander/join/?zo=324582 for a free catalog Give it a try.

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There’s More To This Story

Starting on page 8 of the October 2017 issue of AMSOIL Magazine you will see the featured article titled “XL Synthetic: Stronger for Longer”. I recall the last edition specs of this mid-tier product option was already ahead of the curve demanded by automotive consumers. I recall and used it for my oil change intervals of 16,000 kms. or six months whichever came first, with pride. Guess what, this XL is now boosted up to 19,300 miles or one year – whichever comes first. I apologize to my American fans who watch me at rudyhiebert.myamsoil.com

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Are You As Curious As I Am?

First thing every morning lately I’ve been cracking open the curtains to see if it’s going to be frost morning. On the one hand I hope not but on the other hand I hope the mercury hits the big zero. Why? because it will make make my email and rudyiebert.myamsoil.com go crazy. People are getting scared when they start their cars on such mornings with a a lot of hesitation if they don’t have synthetic in their engine. I can offer them a solution with the right AMSOIL engine lubricant. If I see their hood up it is an invitation to pass them my business card. It usually starts a cool conversation that includes talking about how I work with AMSOIL Inc. as a dealer. I can’t resist mentioning commissions and bonuses which makes their ears glow with anticipation that AMSOIL Inc. offers more than superior protection for their car with the hood up.
Rudy Hiebert

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Spring Time – It’s Tempting To Enjoy Too Much

Yes, I’m pointing my fingers at this guy. The heat of summer isn’t far away so it’s smart to get your family car ready for it. See how by going to rudyhiebert.myamsoil.com

The garden and lawn will show stress if it’s not ready for it – get AGgrand, liquid organic concentrate at rudyhiebert.myamsoil.com


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Focus On The Environment

Balance is of course a logical approach to saving money for any reason. It takes more than one approach to achieve any amount of savings and reduced impact on the environment, in my opinion. The environment is impacted by many things and I contend that we are not putting enough emphasis on the vehicles we use. We are hooked on using petroleum based oils for lubricants and fuel, either by choice, ignorance or big corp moguls.

I’ll start with an easy topic for me. Synthetic lubricants and related fuel additive products will reduce the impact on the environment to the tune of a minimum of 5% and more on the bottom line. Not all products in this category are as productive as one might think or want to believe. Amsoil Inc. has been in business for forty years committing its mission to reducing operation and maintenance expenses and reducing a range of environmental components from impacts the vehicles and equipment we use on a daily basis. Truckers offer testimonials how they have experienced significant savings by using Amsoil synthetics because of the basic benefit of the extended oil change intervals and reduced down time, reduced heat issues in extreme conditions, ie. inclines on the California I-5, etc. Petroleum based oils vaporize, gradually doing a disappearing act and leaving behind sludge. On the other end of the thermometer, the below zero temperatures the environment throws at us is a non-issue when synthetics are in engines and transmissions because of the absence of hydrocarbons. Paraffin in petroleum solidifies, making in difficult for an engine and drive train to turn over when the starter kicks in. “Hello wear and tear”. I love the example of the show and tell that I saw. Two containers, one with petroleum based motor oil, the other with superior synthetic, taken out of a cooler of dry ice. The synthetic sample poured like water at -50 while the petroleum based oil was like molasses in January
If you’re curious about synthetics, see http://rudyhiebert.myamsoil.com for more information.

Rudy Hiebert

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